Mommy Harley Boots - Black Suede *Ships in Nov* SGW

Mommy Harley Boots - Black Suede *Ships in Nov* SGW

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Who wants to match their babe? 


37 -  approximately a 5.5-6 woman's shoe

38 -  approximately a 6.5-7 woman's shoe

39 -  approximately a 7.5-8 woman's shoe

40 -  approximately a 8.5-9 woman's shoe

41 - approximately a 9.5-10 woman's shoe

42 -  approximately a 10.5-11 woman's shoe


size 37=9.23”
size 38=9.57”
size 39=9.9”
size 40=10.23”
size 41=10.58”
size 42=10.9”

*Our products are made up of 100% leather, a natural material, therefore color and texture variations can change from hide to hide and shoe to shoe. Any slight variations of color or texture are not considered a defect.

*Due to the nature of Suede, the color can bleed and transfer to other items such as clothing or skin if it gets wet. This is not a defect to the product and we are not responsible for any damage that can happen as a result. 

*Phone and computer calibration can also show a difference in color of the shoes - which is not a defect of the item.